World Water Day

22 March is celebrated as World Water Day. Actually there is nothing to celebrate, it is very scary to see predictions and the current situation.

"Water Problem May Lead to Evacuation in Bengaluru in 10 Years" - Is this statement scary to you? But, that is the truth. This statement is made by 'Mr. Azim Premji'.

Summer not even started, but we are already facing the too many power cuts and water issues all over Bangalore.

Ground water is gone below 1000 feet in most of the area's in Banglore. Even if the ground water is available in few areas, it is not in the state to use for drinking purpose. Most of the water sources and lakes are vanished and the remaining ones are polluted.

Every one is working hard to make money and save it for next generation. Just imagine after 20 years, your child / grand child will not have any clean Air and Water. Just with money they will not able to live healthy. So think about it and you can change it. Every effort counts.

- "Save water now or there will be nothing left to save"

So what you can do about this?
 - Save every drop of water possible
 - Do not pollute water sources
 - Avoid Plastic
 - Plant trees where-ever possible