Covering Borewell for Safety

It is Rule and also individual's Responsibility.

There are lots of cases where small kids and animals fell into the bore well / tube well. And in most of the cases it is very hard to rescue them.

How to ensure the bore well safe?
Cover the hole with Casing pipe.
Even do the same for No-Yeild borewell also. Otherwise permanently close the hole.

Who's responsibility it is?
The responsibility is with both Borewell drillers and also the site owner.
As per the new norms Borewell drillers should cover the hole with casing pipe.
Even if no yield also it should be covered / closed.
And Site owners also should make sure it is properly covered / closed.

Usually if there is no yield, site owners are less bothers to cover / close the hole, which will put life's in risk and also will face legal issues.